Prose Plus Poetry

Yesterday when I noted that there were yet 19 days to write and post poems in April a friend expressed some dismay. I realize that the pile of poetical posts have not been to everyone’s taste, so for Friday, some prose, then a brief poem. For those of you following the poetry, some of those that have so far appeared have been influenced by my current reading.

Today I had coffee with my friend the Foodie Theologian. He listens to audiobooks while driving a food delivery truck for one of his jobs. We talked about the fact that some books are well written AND well read, and the convergence of the two is serendipitous. I also found a blog post that talks about well-read audio books. I’ve been enjoying some Jane Austen read well, and have just finished listening to The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, read by Jeremy Northam. Actually, the notes on the recording say PEFORMED by Jeremy Northam. This is a better word than read. I really enjoyed listening to Narnia as read by Northam. His timing, the grumbling tone and accent of Puddleglum, plus his interpretation of the earthmen were all fantastic. I’d highly recommend you find and listen to this recording. I got it via the public library. It is the inspiration for this evening’s poem.

The Silver Chair is

my favourite Narnia

book. Do you have one?

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