Ridiculous and Even More Ridiculous

Don’t even ask where this one came from. Oh wait, you asked. No? Too bad, I’m telling you. I started with the slithy toves and went from there. Obviously it went nowhere, but then can you actually be nowhere? Ever? Or even Erehwon?

Drawk said the toad.

I heard it as I rode

Away from there,

Going I’m not sure where.


(Bear in mind that

Where I go means nothing.

Load up meaning —

Explode it in next line.)


I rode from there

Without a care

In my new chair,

Going nowhere.


(Just like this rhyme

Must go no place.

Trust me on this.)


“Nonsense!” You cry,

“It is a lie —

Don’t even try”


“Somewhere you must be —

Nowhere you can’t go!

Anywhere, possibly —

But never Nowhere!”


Unless of course I

Don’t exist. Why

Then I might try



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