The Heart of Rock & Roll is Still Beating —

In Toronto. Under my feet. With some serious speakers in play. “Intense,” said the Street Pastor when she experienced the phenomenon this weekend. Yep. It is that. The floor stopped vibrating and my ear plugs are shutting it all out for the moment, so I thought I’d put pen to paper and write a little poem about all the music.

I’d like to fly up in the sky

Away from silly things below.

If flying I can not yet try –

Then in a boat I’d like to go.


In sky or lake make no mistake,

Away from here is where I’d flee.

To silence which no one will break

With their classic rock music spree.


Now I’m a fan of Rock & Roll —

But not each night from six to ten!

Downstairs will think that I’m a troll

When I go knocking there again.


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