50 Years of Camp

This afternoon was a big staff event for the camp I grew up attending and where I now volunteer. It was a celebration of 50 years of camp — and 50 years is a big deal as we were reminded this afternoon. It was great to see so many familiar faces, to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in many years and to enjoy being together. It was also nice to get encouragement from some of the faithful readers of this blog, two of whom mentioned the blog this afternoon, and one said she really liked the poems. Thanks Whatsit, I’ll be able to finish now!

Since it is still April, you know I’m going to write a poem about the event. I’ve decided to write a poem based on Pascal’s Triangle again, but using the numbers in the triangle to guide how many syllables a word must have. I decided to stop after the fifth line as I didn’t want to hit the 10 syllable words demanded by the sixth line of the triangle.


one word

to describe it?

Wow. Ambitious. Exciting. Full.

Big. Extroverted. Indefatigable. Overwhelming. Fun.


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2 responses to “50 Years of Camp

  1. sandimartinspf

    Whosit, you never disappoint!

    Sometime we should try a visit that’s longer than four minutes.

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