The Wreck of a Writer’s Draft Novel

I’ve had the idea for this poem in my head since November and NaNoWriMo. I ran into a snag this month, and ran out of time to finish it. I realized this afternoon that I have to publish what I’ve got. Instead of six verses, there is only one so far. Maybe someone else will feel inspired by it and finish it off. I’ll keep working on it, but I’ve run out of time for Poetry Month. There’s just been too much going on. With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot, here is the first verse of a new ballad.

The Wreck of a Writer’s Draft Novel

The legend has grown, would-be writers are told

Of the project they call NaNoWriMo.

NaNo it is said, leaves all wordsmiths for dead

At the end of November if they’re slow.

Sixteen hundred words a day or you’re in a big hole

Much to big to climb out without Word Wars.

The goal a first draft of a novel – tis true!

So the “Words of November” need to flow.


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