Birds, Babies, and Bass

I’m a little bit noise sensitive. I prefer silence when I work. The ambient sound in a space is more important to me than the ambient light.

In my new apartment my work space is regularly invaded by three kinds of sounds:

  1. Birds – there is a pet bird down the hall. And now that it is spring there are the birdies outside. I guess I shouldn’t complain about those birds. But the birdie down the hall sounds like a smoke detector that needs a new battery.
  2. Babies – there is a new baby across the hall, less than six months old. The baby doesn’t wake me, but I can certainly hear if baby cries when reading in my living room or working at my desk.
  3. Bass – the heavy beat of my downstairs neighbour’s stereo. He has days where this is particularly bad, then weeks of no noise at all.

I’m looking for a way of coping with this that doesn’t involve ear plugs. I use them, but don’t like the feel and sound – I get a ringing in my ears when I wear them, and this seems to defeat the purpose. I’m thinking sound cancelling headphones. We’ll see.


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2 responses to “Birds, Babies, and Bass

  1. Phebe

    Partial deafness is a plus sometimes. My right ear does not function as well as my left, and neither of them function as well as my hubby’s ears. Thus, I can lie on my left side and happily sleep through noises that keep him awake. I also have the ability to sometimes screen out noise that I don’t want to hear. There are time though where noise intrudes into my consciousness, and then I get kind of grumpy. If making grumpy sounds doesn’t work, and if I either can’t or am unwilling to move to a different location, I sometimes create my own noise–kind of my way of making self cancelling sound. At least the sound of my choosing doesn’t make me as grumpy as other sounds.

  2. Noise-cancelling headphones are amazing. They’re definitely worth the investment!

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