It is my birthday, so I’m posting about food in books. I think it is appropriate.

I’ve recently re-read Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher. That book has a lot of food in it: cabbage with nutmeg, saffron buns, steak, toast and tea, the list could be endless. I found a blog post this morning that lists some of the best descriptions of food in children’s literature. C.S. Lewis tops the list. He did food well in his books, particularly the Narnia books. Everyone always got their next meal. Peter Robinson’s mystery novels usually have a good curry or two in them, and the beer in those books is quite well done. I think, though, that my favourite food reference in books is Chocolate in the Harry Potter books, because chocolate is a medical cure! Rowling is brilliant.

What about you? What kind of food do you enjoy reading about?



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2 responses to “Food!

  1. Hands down it’s the food in Farmer Boy. One out of every three paragraphs is a dinner, or breakfast, or snack, or taffy pull. The whole book is one big meal.

    I must admit to being disappointed, though, the first time I had real Turkish Delight, after Lewis made it sound so delectable.

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