Spy Fiction!

Hey! I found a new spy fiction author that I like! It is another backlist to read through. Good times.

Stella Rimington is the former head of MI5, so she writes insider spy fiction. This is spy fiction with a female lead, not lame female supporting characters. There are seven (7) books in the Liz Carlyle series so far. I’m half-way through number one and I’m totally hooked.

How did I find out about this stellar series? The Books and Culture podcast. The what? The Books and Culture podcast. I listen to podcasts while doing dishes. The B&C podcast is about 10 minutes per week, so two or three get me through dishes and dinner prep. John Wilson, the editor of Books and Culture, talks to his sidekick Stan about some books of the week. John reads widely. On the podcast he doesn’t only talk about the kind of books that Books and Culture reviews. He also talks about mystery series and spy thrillers. I like this. I’ve taken notes. Stella Rimington is the first author I’ve tried because John recommended the Liz Carlyle series. I like the set. I’ll be trying more of John’s fiction recommendations. Hamish Macbeth anyone? Oh look! There are 29 books in that series.


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