Save the World?

I’ve been watching Heroes because I got three seasons for my birthday (hurray brothers!). In the series, as in so many spy novels or thrillers I’ve read, the characters obsess about saving the world. “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” was the tagline of the first season of the show.

Last week a friend reminded me that the world is built of small things: individuals, households, neighbourhoods. She wondered aloud whether the Kingdom of God was not made up of a lot of small things: noticing a child’s smile, helping a woman find a gift for her grandson’s baptism, saying thanks for the climbing roses on the house across the street. I think she’s probably right. I tend to miss the small things the world is made of and wonder what my larger Purpose is. Perhaps Purpose becomes evident with attention to the everyday.

What can you do to save the world today? Share a smile, pay a compliment, be a neighbour, write a small blog post. Who knows? Maybe we’re planting mustard seeds.


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