Reading Old Books updated

The year is almost half over. I’ve just added a page for my current reading projects so that you can (if you are bored) follow along with the LOST booklist and the reading old books projects. It was an interesting exercise to go through the list of old(er) books that I’ve read this year. Most are fiction (with three of 27 non-fiction) and most were written in the twentieth century (8 of 27 were not). Surprisingly, most were re-reads (18 of 27). The nine that were new to me were a mixed bag. Some (Barchester Towers, the Graham Greene books, The 39 Steps) were good reads that have me looking for other works by the author. One (Casino Royale) was disappointing. The rest were books I was not really excited about. I thought “No wonder I haven’t read this before.”

Moving forward, I see that I have postponed the rest of the Emily books by L.M. Montgomery for too long. I’ve got more Buchan lurking about, along with Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, and Arthur Conan-Doyle. True Confessions: I’ve never read Collins, Dickens, or the Sherlock Holmes books. I hope that they will fall into the good reads category.


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