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Stats are kind of fun to look at now and again. Since today is the last day of the first half of the year, let’s look at some stats for my blog.


Some people find my blog by using a search engine of some kind. WordPress keeps track of which searches led people to The Backlist. Gratifyingly, some of these searches look like deliberate attempts to find the blog. The top five searches that led people to my blog are:

  1. Some version of “How has J.K. Rowling changed the world?” (84 times)
  2. Searches for lists of books for men/guys (54)
  3. Examples of atmosphere or sense of place (36)
  4. Searches about Tom Clancy/the Ryanverse (35)
  5. Some version of “I get bored with reading” (34)

My favourite search term:

dedication of thesis to aunt” YES! I dedicated my dissertation to three of my aunts, glad that the world wide web sends people to my blog because of it.


It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the posts most searched for above are among the posts that get the most hits on the blog. The top five doesn’t quite line up though, so here are the top five blog posts:

  1. Fantasy is not Science Fiction (and vice versa)
  2. How J.K. Rowling Changed the World
  3. Top 100 Books — For Men?
  4. Theology in the Grocery Store
  5. Publishing Scams

So those are your top five posts based on popular hits. I’m not sure what my favourite posts are. I have to think about it. I’ll tell you tomorrow.



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