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July Twists

You may have noticed a dearth of posts in this location. It isn’t that there isn’t anything to write about. That is clearly untrue. I mentioned writing some reflections on the idea of a new normal in my last post. There’s also plenty of news in the world at large to write about and reflect upon: J.K. Rowling! (Yes! A new mystery series to collect.) Prince George of Cambridge! (Seriously? George? You must be joking. What happened to James or Albert or Arthur?) Booker long list! (Never heard of any of the books and very few of the authors.)

There, I’ve reflected on some of the news and views in the world.

And now I’m going off on vacation. See you in August. Happy reading.


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Three things for the Third of July

Three things for July 3:

  1. The Constant Reader sent me this link this morning. Oh the hilarity. Go have a look for your laugh for the first week of July. In other news I get to have dinner with The Constant Reader tonight. Oh frabjous day as she said earlier.
  2. I’ve just finished listening to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. It is very political as is usual with RH, but it doesn’t have so many political monologues that feel completely preachy — all political monologues are key to the plot. The version I listened to was very well read/performed by Lloyd James. I got it from the public library. Check your local library.
  3. I feel a post coming on about adaptability and what we come to think is “normal” or “necessary” though it has been neither for very long. It was spurred by my own observations and reflections on seasonal fruit and an overheard conversation on cell phones. More on this coming soon.


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Favoured Posts

Yesterday I published the top five posts on this blog that people have clicked on individually. These may not be your personal choice for favourite post in this space, but they are the choice of the collective. I also said that I’d post my favourite post (or two) from this space.

Posts I like a lot in no particular order:

Theology in the Grocery Store: It was such a spontaneous post and hit some kind of nerve because it was reposted and fb linked so that it bounced into the top five posts all time. I just like it. It was fun to write.

I Got a Scrabble Mug for Christmas with a W on it: this post is in the category “titles are deceptive.” It is in the alphabetic series I did a little over a year ago, in which I explored ways I found books to read. W is for Women. Read more books by Women!

Academic Writing: I like this post because it describes what I’m doing right now: Avoiding academic writing by posting on this blog.

And finally:

Further Reflections on Genre: This post came out of others on genre and science fiction. I like it because a bunch of things came together in my head and exploded into insight. It is fun when that happens. This is why I do research.

Right, I’m off to look for more brain insight explosions on the current writing project.

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