Three things for the Third of July

Three things for July 3:

  1. The Constant Reader sent me this link this morning. Oh the hilarity. Go have a look for your laugh for the first week of July. In other news I get to have dinner with The Constant Reader tonight. Oh frabjous day as she said earlier.
  2. I’ve just finished listening to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. It is very political as is usual with RH, but it doesn’t have so many political monologues that feel completely preachy — all political monologues are key to the plot. The version I listened to was very well read/performed by Lloyd James. I got it from the public library. Check your local library.
  3. I feel a post coming on about adaptability and what we come to think is “normal” or “necessary” though it has been neither for very long. It was spurred by my own observations and reflections on seasonal fruit and an overheard conversation on cell phones. More on this coming soon.



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