Favourite Fictional Character?

I found a list of 55 book-related questions that I will address in this blog. I’m not going to do all 55 at once, but have regrouped the list into categories. Today we have the infamously difficult question, “Who is your favourite fictional character?”

Hah. One? You want me to wade through the thousands of books I’ve read and come up with ONE? I threw this question out into the murk of the social media realm. From Facebook I got several thoughtful answers. From Twitter I got just one reply — the editor of Books and Culture said “Couldn’t settle on just one!” I’m relieved. I’m not the only one who thinks this an unanswerable question. I will try, though I can’t settle on just one.

A few of my fb friends also commented on the difficulty of the question. The Constant Reader and The Mrs responded with lists of possibilities. In response to one complaint that this was a hard question, I listed criteria to consider: “There are so many criteria. Favourite because you enjoy their lines? Favourite because you’d want to be their friend? Favourite because they make you laugh? You admire them?” I like my list of criteria. I’m going to answer those questions.

Favourite fictional character because they have the best lines: Reepicheep the Mouse. (If we include TV characters this becomes the Dowager Countess of Grantham.)

Favourite fictional character because I want to be their friend: Harriet Vane.

Favourite fictional character who makes me laugh: Bridget Jones.

Favourite fictional character who I admire: Lucy Pevensie.

Those are some fictional characters who stick in my mind.

Here is a list of characters mentioned in the highly unscientific facebook survey:

Elizabeth Bennet (4 mentions), Atticus Finch (2 mentions), Hercule Poirot, Emma Woodhouse, Eustace Clarence Scrubb, Gandalf, Adah Price, Sherlock Holmes, Miles Vorkosigan, Charles Wallace, Vanacy Jane, Sam Gamgee, Mrs. Wilder (Almanzo’s mother), Anne Elliot, Eliza McKay, Jane Eyre, The Time Traveller, and Captain Underpants.

How about you? The question is still open.


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One response to “Favourite Fictional Character?

  1. Alice

    Can’t pick a single favourite — but a few of the top ones would be Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, Miles Vorkosigan, and Flavia DeLuce.

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