Books And Food! Also Drink.

The question du jour from the Very Long List of Book-related Questions is: what is your favourite reading snack. I answer: Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles chips. Oh the greatness of SC&O chips and books. I got addicted to this combo summers when I was in about grade 6 or 7. I’d sit in the basement in the big yellow pseudo-leather recliner and read and eat chips. This is what summer reading is all about in my mind. Of course eating too many SC&O chips is not really good for one’s health. Ah well. Coffee it is. Black coffee never hurt anyone’s health right?

My fb friends had a variety of views on snacking and reading. Some abhor the practice as it messes up the book. Greasy fingers, crumbs, all are anathema to them. Others admit to chocolate (dark), nutella (just another form of chocolate), popcorn, nuts, raw veggies (speaking of health!), potato chips (Yes!), doritos, cheese puffs, toast and jam, and trail mix. Many people who didn’t list any food mentioned tea. I have a bunch of tea-fanatics as my fb friends. Tea and books — by the way C. S. Lewis also thought tea went with reading, so they are all in good company. Chocolate drinks did make an appearance, but the comments were awash with tea.

Then I asked my fb friends about themed snacking — what snacks go with which books? Chocolate, I began, goes with Harry Potter. Turkish Delight, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Some of the themed snacks got pretty inventive. One book club does this for every meeting. How energetic! And what a great idea.

I was interested that so many people responded to the idea of reading and eating at the same time with horror. I read and eat together all the time. I live alone and thus eat most of my meals alone. But I am never alone, I always have my book. I almost always read while eating, but I don’t always eat while reading. I am fond of meals that can be eaten with one hand while  the other hand holds the book and turns the page. I think this counts as my Bad Reading Habit, another question in the Long List I’m working through.


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