Places to read

My at-home reading place is my chair or my couch. My main living space is also the library at my house, so those locations are surrounded by books. I’m not very good at reading in public or university libraries, I get distracted by the public nature of the space. (This is translated “other people bother me.”) I read a lot at tables in various restaurants and diners that I frequent. I read on the bus and subway, and while waiting for the bus and the subway.

If I could read in a place in a book, it would likely be the haunted library at Duke’s Denver as described by Dorothy L. Sayers in Busman’s Honeymoon. One might be distracted by the ghosts, but they seem friendly. My fb friends are consumed with the idea of reading in the Hogwarts common room, but I think it would be a rather noisy place, and were I there I might be watching someone play wizard chess, or learning the rules of exploding snap.

While I like reading outside (as suggested by fb friends), often the other things outside distract from the book. I did some reading on a muskoka chair under a large sun-umbrella this summer. That was nice.

Where do you read? What literary location would you like to have access to in order to read there?


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