Projects Updated

I’ve got a couple of Reading Projects happening in the background of my reading this year. I’ve fallen off the LOST reading list a little. I’ve been finding those titles a bit weird and depressing. One shouldn’t be surprised at this really, as the show is a bit weird and sometimes depressing. The LOST list is meant to expand my reading horizons, so I will keep at it.

On the other hand, my reading old books resolution has been sailing smoothly along. I’ve been re-reading the Lord Peter Wimsey set in order. That is something I haven’t done in years. I am enjoying it very much. I’ve just finished Strong Poison in which lots of couples get together from previous mysteries and Lord Peter Meets His Match. Plus there’s a mystery. I’d forgotten about the fake seance in this one, and quite enjoyed Miss Climpson’s antics in that episode. All the silly characters at the edge of the Wimsey mysteries are always rather fun.

How is your reading for the fall of 2013 going? Is it required? Or is it all for fun?


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  1. AnnaT

    Did you read the cuckoos calling? got a review? I hope just to be able to get back into reading for the fall!

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