Fiction vs Non-fiction

A few of my fb friends have mentioned they just aren’t that into fiction. I am astonished by this as I cannot imagine life without fiction. Well I can, a little. I gave up fiction one year for lent. That was a long 40 days. But generally, I cannot imagine life without fiction. I’ve always got at least one novel on the go. If you doubt me, look around on this blog.

As I thought about the tribe of “I don’t get fiction” I wondered if there was a correlation between those people and their Myers-Briggs type. In Myers-Briggs terms, I am an INTP, often called “The Theorist” thus it is appropriate for me to have a theory about people-who-don’t-get-fiction. My theory is that those people may often be “S” or Sensing types. Sensing types tend to be more tuned into the real world of the senses vs. iNtuitive types who tend to live more inside their heads. To test this theory, I need people willing to reveal at least a tiny piece of themselves in the following poll. Let’s see if it works. (There is an online-not-certified-as-correct-use-at-own-risk version of an MBTI test here.)



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