I keep finding links to blog about but not posting them. Here are a couple that I found interesting.

1. In the category Potty for Potter, some suggestions about muggle books the Potter characters might read. Each character featured has a fiction and a non-fiction suggestion. I found the suggestions amusing.

2. In the category Books You Should Read, an interview with Karen Swallow Prior. I’ve been eyeing Prior’s Booked. Maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas list. In the interview, Prior names 5 books she thinks all Christians in America should read.

3. Finally, for today anyway, an interesting US map of books by setting. Read your way around the USA. There was some Canadian discussion of this on the Globe and Mail site for Canada Day this year. I think the Globe did regions, not provinces. But we could do provinces. What’s the most famous book set in each of the Canadian provinces and territories? There’s a Friday Challenge for you!


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