Readers are Leaders?

Some quirky links I found during a sleepless night:

1. Literary conspiracy theories. Some of these are really good. J.K. Rowling doesn’t exist. Shh. Don’t tell anyone! Also, murder in the Bronte household, who wrote Will Shakespeare’s plays, and other theories about reality that are stranger than fiction. The best bit is that one of the theories was published as fiction after it was turned down as a lit crit non-fiction offering. No one takes your theory seriously? Turn it into a novel. Excellent.

2. Readers don’t fit in at school sometimes. You don’t say. I’m a reader. I didn’t fit in at school. I read under the desk and sometimes was caught and sometimes not. Most of my teachers were sympathetic to my reading habit, but they did try to encourage me to not only have my nose stuck in a book. And they encouraged me to read broadly. And the librarian did suggest books if I remember correctly. Of course I was burning through the local public library and the school library at the same time. I think I liked the public library better. Better selection.

3. Finally, defending fantasy vs classics. I think people should read classics. It is part of our literary heritage. The people who write YA fantasy books with dragons often reference other older literature. That happens. We should all read widely. But never ever leave out books with dragons. That is a terrible idea.

I am currently reading Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. It is brilliant. I am collecting lines I love. It is taking a long time because I’m also teaching and so have to read textbooks. Oh and Potter on audio. I’m at the end of book 6. There is still a bit to go in Book 6, but the big scene has happened. Now I can maybe sleep tonight and not lie awake, then get up and find all kinds of interesting blog posts about reading.


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  1. Christine

    I read under the desk all through grade six…. which explains why I didn’t learn fractions until highschool. Oops.

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