Counterfactuals and Surreal History

Some bits and pieces for a Saturday night.

1. The top-ten counterfactual novels as picked by a guy who wrote one about King Edward VIII. I’ve read a few on his list and agree with him that these are good. I’d love to read Dominion by C.J. Sansom but have not been able to find a copy in North America. Must Look Harder.

2. In Real History that is pretty surreal, have you been following the whole Richard III thing? If not I’ve got a couple of videos for you to watch. First, the academics summarize what they found and present evidence to show that they found the body of Richard III. Then watch the whole story as told in this BBC 4 special, The King in the Car Park. Really cool and totally worth your time, even if you are procrastinating, like me.

3. For the connections between the War of the Roses and Game of Thrones (you didn’t know there was a connection?) see this blog post also on Richard III, but now on his burial, which has become quite controversial. Pretty sure wherever the reinterment occurs it will be a hot ticket next summer.


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