Best of 2013 Lists

I’m not making my best of 2013 list until closer to the end of the year. Others can’t wait. Here is an annotated list of lists.

  1. NPR guide to the best books of 2013. This is a rather large collection of recommended reading from the last year. You can narrow things down by picking what kind of books you like to read in links to the left of the book montage. This is always risky as you might miss something really good in another category — but it also means you don’t miss what you are really interested in because your eyes slide past it in the really big pile of book cover pictures. Book that caught my eye that I’d never heard of before: A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan
  2. Speaking of obscure, over at Quill and Quire, a review editor’s top five reads for 2013. There are other links at the bottom of that page to more top five picks for 2013. CanLit and indie presses combine to bring you things you never thought of.
  3. Over in the U.K., the Guardian has a whole books of the year section with lists in a variety of categories. To Margaret Atwood’s chagrin, MaddAdam is considered Science Fiction in the Guardian’s lists.
  4. Finally, instead of a best of 2013 list, from Business Insider 35 Books everyone should read at least once in their life. I’ve read 11 of these. Some are on my To Be Read list, others, not so much. Surprise entry on the list: Anne of Green Gables. What? Everyone? Ok.

Happy list reading and Christmas list making.


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  1. Thanks for these! Definitely picked up some recommendations.Only 5 on that list … but I’m not so sure if I’d add all the rest onto my ‘to read’ list either.

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