A few more lists

In the spirit of the season of list making (Santa makes them, why shouldn’ t the rest of us?), three more lists that I found while lurking on the internet.

  1. Buzzfeed’s 14 greatest Science Fiction of 2013. Nice covers. Also Margaret Atwood is on the list along with Lois McMaster Bujold. I like both of those authors! Maybe I should try some of the others too. The one about the North Road looks interesting. You read any of these? Got any others to add?
  2. BookRiot’s Best of 2013 from different people. There are a lot of people contributing to this list, so it is long. Keep scrolling. Where else will you find Margaret Atwood, Chris Hadfield, and Alister McGrath on the same end-of-year list? Seriously. Keep scrolling.
  3. Finally, not limited to 2013, the ten best mysteries ever, as chosen by Thomas H. Cook. I’d never heard of Cook before reading this list. I’m intrigued by the list though. It may influence my reading in 2014. What are the ten best mysteries you’ve ever read? I’m appalled that The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie is not on Cook’s list. And I’m not sure that I’d classify The Quiet American as a mystery, though it does have mysterious elements. Check out Cook’s list. Make your own opinion.

Hey the week is more than half over! And it is only two weeks to Christmas.


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