Writing Resolutions 2014

At the beginning of December I saw an article on ways writers can prepare for the New Year. I rather liked the list. I related to many of the items which involved purchasing new notebooks/journals with the intent of being organized about ideas and writing. I’ve done those before and enjoy the process of buying a fresh new notebook. Then the notebook gets dusty, or only half-used. Hmmm, I thought. Maybe I need to focus on some other ways to prepare for a  new writing year.

I decided to do one thing at a time. I did number 10 — got a haircut. Now I need to FINISH a lurking nagging project (3). Then I can refocus on what is to come. While I’m finishing that lurking project, I may take notes on when I feel like I did my most productive work in order to block that time off for writing in future (26).

What about you? Anything you’ve got for 2014 in terms of new ways to approach writing? Are they represented on this list?


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