Interesting Links

Here are a few interesting links to kick off the year.

  1. Reception History from a different angle. As you might have noticed if you hang out around here, I work in reception history of the Bible, particularly with women who interpret and write on the Bible. The linked article is more interested in reception and literature, but there is an overlap of interesting points that can be made. Susan Warner also wrote about the Bible. Most of her books on the Bible are Very Hard To Find. I like the phrase “selective tradition” mentioned in the article. It captures something about the history of biblical interpretation.
  2. Blasts from the Past, or books you forgot were published in the eighties.
  3. Reading in 2013 from many different people. I haven’t decided what my book of 2013 is quite yet. I’m working on it. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. I may have a few different titles for 2013. Things are still under consideration.

Happy Epiphany Eve!


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