When You Read You Begin With …

I’ve decided that I need blog prompts to get me back to writing more regularly. I like the alphabet. I’ve done an alphabetical series around here before. Plus there’s the lyric from “The Sound of Music” referenced in the post title — this blog is about reading, and when you read you begin with A B C. Plus, I think Alphabet Books are fun. So we’ll do some alphabetical posts for a while and see where it gets us.

On to


A is for Atkinson. Currently I’m reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. While LAL is not exactly a back-list book, I’ve read all of Atkinson’s backlist. I heard an excerpt from Behind the Scenes at the Museum read aloud on the radio. It hooked both the RABro and I. There we were, travelling down the highway, listening to the CBC as is our habit, and pouf! we’d had a new author to read handed to us. I zoomed through the books Atkinson had out at that time (three or so I think) and have been reading all her others as they appear. I really like Life After Life. It may be her best yet. It has an alternative universes feel to it, but done with less science fiction and more reincarnation/deja vu sorts of things. Basically Ursula, the main character, re-lives the same life again and again, finding new ways to live and die. When I heard the premise I was afraid it was going to be a boring book, but this is anything but boring. You should read it.


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