B could be for Book

But it isn’t. For today, B is for Brooks: Geraldine Brooks to be specific. I’ve read one book by Brooks — People of the Book. I promptly recommended it to 1Mom, who also thought it very good. With this positive reading experience, you’d think I’d go after more works by Brooks — who has a very short but distinguished backlist. (I guess all of her books could be considered backlist at this point as her most recent novel came out in 2011. She does take her time with writing. This is not a bad thing, especially when an author writes historical fiction.) But, I’ve only read the one book. I’ve looked at some of her others, but haven’t gone there yet. March is a different angle on Little Women, and the other two are set in the seventeenth century. I am not sure why I hesitate over reading other books — possibly it is because I liked People of the Book very much and I’m afraid that is her best book, and feel certain I’ll be let down by the others. This is rather pessimistic of me. Anyhow, long story short, you should read People of the Book, it is very good. And I should get over my pessimism and read more Geraldine Brooks. Because B is for Brooks.


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  1. You’re the fourth person I know to recommend this book. I think I must read it now.

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