E is for Elephant?

Where the Elephant is in the room, the Elephant of unread books by authors whose names begin with E.

Actually E is for Eliot, as in George Eliot, the pen-name of Mary Ann Evans. I’ve read exactly one of Eliot’s novels, Silas Marner. I have other Eliot novels on my shelf in the to-be-read area. I also have a biography of Eliot in the to-be read area of my books. I think I should read Middlemarch next. But somehow, I never quite get to starting Middlemarch. Somehow Eliot/Evans never quite makes it off the shelf and into my hands. I’m not sure why this is the case, especially since I’m consciously trying to read older books these days. I found Silas Marner hard to get through, so I may be expecting the same of other Eliot works. Possibly you English Majors will tell me that SM was possibly not the George Eliot book to start with. I’d love to hear this, and also would appreciate hearing what you think I should attempt next.

What E-books have you read lately?


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One response to “E is for Elephant?

  1. Christine

    I can’t quite remember, but I think I started reading Eliot with either Felix Holt, the Radical or Daniel Deronda. Adam Bede is also very good.

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