E is also for Excursus (an academic rabbit trail)

I’m jumping away from my little alphabetical series for a moment to bring you a current reading update. It is still winter, though the polar vortex is gone, and my apartment is back to being tropical. (Someone said to me on Friday that she preferred being cold to being hot. I think I have to agree.) As previously noted, you should read Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. It begins in a snow storm, and the same snow storm recurs throughout the book. It fits the current state of things in the world.

I went to a local used bookshop the other day. In this particular shop there are more than just books — there are also vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs. The vinyl records draw in a sort of music-loving-old-hippie crowd. The store is staffed by the same sort of person. The book selection is quite good, and I can usually find things there that I’m interested in. They’ve got a pretty good science fiction section. The trick is the background music sometimes drives me out. The bookshop staff play vinyl selections, and wow, some of the stuff they choose to play is very weird. Appropriately the store is called Pandemonium. The music did not drive me out on Wednesday and I picked up two mysteries and Allegory of Love by C.S. Lewis. It is not every day that one finds a paperback copy of Allegory of Love lurking in one’s local bookshop. Score!

Now I’m going to read one of the mysteries I picked up with AoL. I’m just deciding which one it will be. I also need to figure out when I’m going to read some academic Lewis. I’ve got The Discarded Image and now Allegory of Love awaiting my attention. Excellent. Brain food.


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