Compared to F, the risqué letter with proFane connotations, G is a good little letter. Glad. Good. Grateful. Gracious. Gah. G simply oozes goodness. What could possibly be bad about something that starts with G?

ggoatOk, maybe Goats aren’t quite the image of goodness, but still. Goats can be cute.

G also stands for George, Jean George, author of My Side of the Mountain among other things. I read a lot of George when I was growing up. I was pleased to find a used copy of My Side of the Mountain when I was grown up and wanted to revisit the world George created, where teens and nature connected so well. I appreciated the independence of her characters, plus they managed to survive in the wild. That was interesting. It was nothing like Survivor though — no tv cameras and big money at the end.

I’ve written about other children’s books that stuck in my memory. These stuck because of the woods and the solo aspect of the adventures of the main characters — solo except for the animals and the trees. I liked the world without people. I’ve since learned that one cannot live in a world completely devoid of people with only animals and trees for company. It isn’t good theology either.




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