The letter I presents some difficulties

IcelticThe letter I presents me with some difficulties. Initially I began this alphabetical series without any restrictions on what letters could stand for. After a few days, I noticed I was picking authors by surname, and all the authors to that point were female. There is a #readwomen2014 thing going on around some book blogs, so I thought, hey, lets go with this. I’ll pick a woman whose last name begins with the letter of the day, who I’ve read, and who isn’t super well known. Then I’ll talk about her books and why I like them. Maybe this will help people read more women writers in 2014.

So far, this thought-up-on-the-fly plan has worked out. But, today I ran into a snag. I’ve only got two “I” authors in my books read database — and they are both men (John Irving and Kazuo Ishiguro if you were wondering). I went out into the interconnected world and looked at lists of “I” authors. There just aren’t that many. I could claim that I’m about to read Susan Isaacs — but I don’t own anything by Isaacs or any other I-author-who-is-female, but I decided to reveal what I’ve been up to in the series. Tomorrow we’ll continue with women writers alphabetically.

Do you have any female I-authors to recommend? Do tell.



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