If it is Sunday, it must be time for an Excursus

Five random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon:

1. Did anyone else notice that the Olympics began with an alphabetical sequence? I did. I feel vindicated in my alphabet series. I wish I could find a list of all the things in that opening sequence. Ah well.

2. Child at church this morning in response to the question what do you like about winter: “I like winter the best of all the seasons because there are NO BUGS!” Think on this happy side of the polar vortices.

3. I’ve often thought that other people have way more stories of their lives than I do. Then I began realizing it I just need to figure out how to tell my particular stories. I’m starting with titles. “That time I met Chris Hadfield” is one title.

4. I’m reading Jane Austen’s unpublished fragments. Lady Susan isn’t a nice person.

5. I can’t wait to see what pants the Norwegian men curl in tomorrow at Sochi.

How has your week been?

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