K is a little bit Krazy

K is slightly skewed, a little off balance, leaning to one side, a bit of a kook really. Sitting in the middle of the alphabet, who can blame K really. Today, the letter

oldKis for Kress. Nancy Kress writes Science Fiction. I don’t care if you don’t like SciFi as a rule — you should at least check out Beggars in Spain. I read this short novel (possibly a novella, but who can tell really) at the recommendation of a colleague back in the day when I taught High School. It sticks in your head. Here I am mumblemumble years later and I’m still thinking about it. Basic premise: there are people who have no need to sleep through genetic modification. What would you do with eight hours more every day?

Kress wrote a couple of follow-up novels to Beggars in Spain. She’s also written loads of other stuff that I’ve heard is good. I’ve not read it as she is not the easiest author to find in bookshops and libraries. Beggars in Spain, though, that you should find. Very Interesting.



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