Q = Quality

Q presents another difficulty: I’ve not got a Q author in my books-read database. None. Though there are Quinns and Quicks and Quiller-Couches writing books out in the wide world I’ve read exactly none of them in the last twenty years. Thus the letter

Q swirlstands for Quest. I am on a Quest for Q-authors. 

Of course, Q can stand for lot of things. There are more Q-words in common use than you think. If you think quietly a quality list can quite quickly be assembled. If your quarry is scientific words, quartz, quantum, quark, quarantine, q.e.d. If you find science quashes your imagination, and you are looking for something more quirky, I won’t quibble. Pick up your quill and quiz yourself — what other words qualify for our Q-list? I’m sure you can come up with a large quantity of words. Don’t quit!



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