What is a pirate’s favourite letter?

Arrrrr matey!

I hear you laughing. You know you want to laugh. C’mon, it’s funny. Except when you yell the question to 75 small girls in order to get their attention and they all yell back ARRRRRRRR and fall about laughing. Five or six times a day. For a week. Then it gets a tiny bit old.

But the letter

rletterin this context has nothing to do with pirates. It stands for Rimington, Stella Rimington, former spy, now spy novelist. I’ve written in this space about Rimington before. I could have written about Rendell or Rivers or Reichs or even Rowling for the letter R, but Rimington doesn’t get the press those other writers do, plus she writes in a genre that not many women have attempted — and with a female lead character as well. I think Rimington deserves some attention in this #readwomen2014 alphabet.

(There’s a chance that you haven’t yet read the Booker-Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. If not, take that as your R recommendation from me. Go find it now.)



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