An Olympic Excursus

Now that the Winter Olympics of 2014 are over, and we know that Team Canada got the coveted Double-Double (gold in both men’s and women’s curling and men’s and women’s hockey) I would like to give out my personal awards for TV commentary during the games. Understand that I watch Canadian coverage on the CBC. I’ve got four awards to give out. I know you are all waiting with some impatience, so onward.

1. The Grammatically-challenged Commentary Gold Medal goes to Jen Heil for her incompetent use of words meant to be adverbs which were not actually adverbs. This was a rather stiff competition. Other than the #adverbfail commentary of Ms Heil, there were also the #verbdeclensionfail of many colour commentators. Please note: the past tense of the verb to dive is dove, as “she dove for the puck.” Clear? Excellent. Moving on.

2. The I-Can’t-Hear-You Award goes to Becky Scott who mumbled into her mike for the whole of the cross-country skiing competition, even when her husband did that thing with giving the Russian guy a non-broken ski.

3. The Coaching-On-Air Award goes to Kurt Browning who just couldn’t help himself, especially during the men’s figure skating competition. “Watch Out” he yelled at us instead of at the skater who needed to watch out. It was actually rather charming, the on-air coaching, as well as funny.

4. The Not-Brian-Williams-Alleluia Award goes to Ron McLean for his humble, funny, and very competent anchoring of the prime-time Canadian highlight show. He got out of the way, remembered the show wasn’t about him, but about the athletes and the competition, and didn’t feel it necessary to tell us what time zone he was in every thirty seconds. Great job Ron.

And that is all for this Sunday from the land of the Maple Leaf Forever.


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