Snaky, slithering, slimy S

I like the letter S, despite the description in the title of this post. S is kind of fun. It has potential. It can be Sunny or Sneaky, you never can tell. It has a shape that turns back on itself. And the upper- and lower-case S are the same except for size. That is not usual in the Roman Alphabet.

celticsis for Sutterfield, Diane Sutterfield, author of The Thirteenth Tale. Oh the wonders of this book. I recommended it to 1Mom — actually I think I gave it to her for Christmas — and she said she’d been intrigued by the book because it looked interesting. One day she was sitting next to a woman who was reading The Thirteenth Tale as they got their nails done. 1Mom asked whether the reader liked the book or not. The woman rolled her eyes and confided that the only reason she was finishing it was for her book club. She thought it was the most boring book ever. 1Mom thought this odd. Then she read it after I gave it to her, and she loved it. We rolled our eyes at the manicure-woman who didn’t get the book.

The trick is that this is a book-lovers book. If you don’t really love reading, you might not get it. Also it has Secrets in it, Family Secrets. 1Mom and I like books with Family Secrets because we get those. We live in Family Secret land. Both of us thought The Thirteenth Tale Sensational. You should read it and let us know what you think.



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