Tricky T

T is Tricky. There are almost too many choices for a T-woman author. I might have to go with two or three even. I’ve written about three nineteenth-century women who are T-authors! There we are, Three Ts from The Women.

Tcelticis for Trimmer, Tonna, and Tucker.

I wrote my dissertation on Sarah Trimmer. If you are interested and are connected with a university library, you can download the dissertation as a pdf from the UMich online dissertations website. Please excuse the egregious error of fact where I get Trimmer’s birthdate wrong in the first chapter. She was born 6 January. I think I have 20 January or some such thing. Ergh. Anyhow, Trimmer. She wrote lots of books in the late eighteenth century on teaching the Bible to children in various settings. She also wrote a story about talking birds called Fabulous Histories. She’s a big deal in my humble opinion. Of course I think she’s a big deal. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on her.

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna wrote using the name Charlotte Elizabeth. She was deaf. She lived in Canada for two years. She wrote books about women, the Irish, and the Bible. I’m still trying to parse her theology. She had an interesting life and was very opinionated. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote an introduction to an American edition of Tonna’s collected works, so she was widely read. Interesting, interesting, interesting.

Charlotte M. Tucker wrote under the pseudonym A Lady Of England (A.L.O.E.). She also visited Canada, including Niagara Falls. After her father’s death, she went out to India to live and do mission. Tucker also writes interesting books that teach the Bible to children.

Women! Writing on the Bible! Theology! History! Isn’t it exciting?


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