You may think I have not posted for a few days because the letter U undid me. But I am not undone. Things did not get ugly. I have a U-author who meets all the criteria for inclusion in this Alphabetical List.

Ulionis for Underhill, Evelyn Underhill.

Underhill was a spiritual writer. Mysticism (1911) is a seminal work in the study of mystics and mysticism. Underhill also wrote poetry, novels, and biographies. The biographies she wrote are of mystics, which is not surprising given her interest in the topic. Evelyn Underhill qualifies for this list because I’ve read her (she’s the only u-author I’ve read), she’s a woman, and she’s not well-known and deserves more interest. You should find her stuff and read it. Don’t start with Mysticism, that’s a bit much. I’ve not read Worship but am intrigued by what she’d have to say on that important subject. Mystics of the Church is an accessible way into some of Underhill’s work. Check her out. See what you think.



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