W is for Women!

Of course, you knew that — this whole alphabet is about women writers. Which Woman? you may well ask. Well, let me tell you.

Wwomenis for Willis, Connie Willis.

Who? Yes, that’s the point! A woman who you haven’t heard much about. Ok, some of you out there know perfectly well who Connie Willis is, but I bet its only a few. The Constant Reader, the Norwegian, and — I’m not sure if there’s anyone else. Oh maybe the Vicar’s Wife out there in Alberta.

Connie Willis writes great time travel books and other speculative fiction. I particularly recommend To Say Nothing of the Dog, and Doomsday Book. Because the books are time travel, they are not your normal science fiction — yet the time travellers start in the future, but not any future I’ve imagined. I’m not sure what disaster occurred to make Willis’s Oxford the way it is, but that is part of the fun — looking for clues and thinking about what happened between now and that imagined future.

This is also a reminder of International Women’s Day! Why do you think I waited to write my W entry? Happy IWD and happy time change.



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