Excursus Sunday

After posting about One, the loneliest number, it appeared that One would be the loneliest blog post. I will pick up the numerical series again, never fear, but first a little theological excursus.

Last Sunday I preached a sermon. You can listen to it online. The main text was Ephesians 4:1-16, and the sermon title was Growing Up Together. In the sermon I suggested that the Ephesians text indicates that spiritual maturity is not an individual thing, but a group thing, a growing up together thing.

Than I read this blog post. The author, apparently theologically astute, represents spiritual maturity as being an individual thing. Yes the local church contributes to an individual’s spiritual maturity, but an individual can out grow a congregation and move on. SO opposite to what I preached. Completely opposed.

We have to get over being church consumers and start getting the idea that we ARE the Church. Now I’m not saying that there are times when God is calling us to move local churches — but to see this as a spiritual maturity thing does not, it seems, line up with Ephesians 4. And to church-hop without plugging in and deeply contributing to a local congregation does not line up with Ephesians 4. Possibly the spiritual immaturity of the North American Church comes from this sort of attitude.


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