Four Reasons I’ve not posted in a couple of months

  1. I read Northanger Abbey, thus the world as I knew it ended. There’s your gratuitous LOST reference for the month.
  2. I’ve been writing things out in the real world. Isn’t the blog-o-sphere also a part of the real world? Hmm. Too philosophical a question for the moment. Anyhow, I finished one writing project (I think) this week, thus removing some writing from my current to-do list, and making (some) room for blogging.
  3. I travelled! Yay for Ambridge and Durham, not to mention The Constant Reader and The Norwegian!
  4. I also taught some, read a lot, and watched some movies. It’s been nice having a break, but I’ve been getting hints, from some quarters, that the blog might be missed, and I think I might have some more things to say. Keep watching this space.

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