A Postscript

The A is for Authentic post tends to oversimplify the ideas “real” and “true”, concepts long discussed and debated by philosophers. However, the initial question that prompted me to talk about authenticity disregards the strong connection between truth and reality – and asked if it mattered if something was one without the other. Yes it matters! And one should think about what is real, and what is true, and how those are connected. The complexities of the discussion do matter. My friend the Philosopher shook Prince Harry’s hand yesterday, and I was excited with her. If she’d texted me in all caps that she’d shaken Harry Potter’s hand, I’d have been more worried than pleased — unless I knew that was the way she normally referred to Daniel Radcliffe. Think about the connections between truth and reality – they matter.

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May 3, 2016 · 7:04 AM

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