About Me

Hi. I’m Heather. You can follow me on Twitter @rockettheology. What follows is a list of 10 more (sort of) random facts about me.

1. I have four (4) university degrees. The first is in aerospace engineering, and the most recent is a doctorate in theology.

2. I like to lurk in used book shops. And the book sections of Goodwill stores and other thrift shops. I’ve bought books at garage sales.

3. My name is on the cover of some books.

4. My first job was in the local public library. I shelved books. The job title was “Page.” I was never promoted to “Book.”

5. I used to teach high school math and physics. Some of my students mistakenly thought I taught psychics.

6. I re-read books — but not all books, only deserving books.

7. I’m adopted. Recently I met my natural mother. This means I’ve got two families and 2 moms. To distinguish between moms in this setting, I shall refer to my mom-who-raised-me as AMom (A for Adoptive) and my mom-who-gave-birth-to-me as 1Mom (following many other people who call birth families first families). (Notice how this clever device means that I’m not ranking alphabetically or numerically! I just thought of this! Pretty good for a Monday morning.)

8. Someday I’d like to own a (nice, wooden) Muskoka chair. It would also be nice to have a suitable location for said chair to live, but the chair above all. I could put it in my living room if there was nowhere else for it to go. Maybe I’d put it in my living room in the winter.

9. While reading on the bus one day, I came across a great quote from Zero History by William Gibson. A character in this novel is a recovering addict. He reflects on his desire to have something to read one evening: “Reading, his therapist had suggested, had likely been his first drug.” Yup, I relate to that.

10. I am a coffee addict as well as a book addict.

That’s it for now. Some of the above random items may randomly change from time to time. Watch for it.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Phebe

    Lowry, MN. Summer of ’78. Reading during any time we were required to be in our dorm at camp. Good times!

  2. Hi, I liked your blog a lot and have nominated it for Liebster Award. See this post:

    I hope you will participate and take this forward.

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